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A short review of X-Men: First Class

Jun. 10th, 2011 | 05:53 pm

After seeing all the previous X-Men related films I was quite anxious to see the new reboot, X-Men: First Class. Okay, so I've never read the comics (because I just didn't stumble upon them earlier), so my interests are based purely on the previous films.

My SO thinks X-Men III sucks and because of that he didn't even want to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Therefore he was quite sceptical about this reboot, and I'm pretty easily influenced by his opinions in these matters (after all, he has read the comics). So, we didn't expect much when we went to the movie theatre on Monday.

Well, we were positively surprised. The film held itself together very well: there weren't any dull moments, but it wasn't too action-packed either. There was drama, too. But mostly the film was enjoyable because of the characters.

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto were quite adorable together. They had a very good chemistry going on. And as individuals... Erik was such a bad ass, and there was something in his demeanor that reminded me of Wolverine. And Charles, oh, he was such a lovely, geeky Brit (the SO informed me that Xavier isn't actually British, despite having studied at Oxford... Well, I'd say he catched at least a bit of Britishness during that time). Now, I definitely didn't drool over old Professor X in the previous films, but the younger version... I'm pretty sure I'd have some "groovy mutations" he could use as a pick up line.

Raven / Mystique was intriguing with her self-image issues and her relations with both Hank McCoy / Beast and Erik gave the film some depth.

Okay, so there were other characters too, obviously. But this was going to be a short review, so I'm not going to go through all of them individually. Let's just say that the cast was good.

All in all, X-Men: First Class is to the previous films pretty much what Batman Begins is to previous Batman films. There's the same kind of roughness and touch of realism.

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Oh Jack, what have you become?

Jun. 2nd, 2011 | 03:42 pm

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last Friday. The fact that today is Thursday is already quite revealing. I did like the film, but that's about it: I liked it, nothing more. I didn't get the urge to go and see it again, the sooner the better. I'm even thinking I might not buy the DVD release.

The film itself is okay. I gave it 3½ stars out of 5. It was quite entertaining, but it could have been better. Actually it was exactly what you would expect "a third sequel" to be. It's like yesterday's pizza: it's good, but when you ate the same pizza right after it came out of the oven the day before, it was much better, no doubt of it. And of course, in this example, the right-from-the-oven pizza is Curse of the Black Pearl.

I don't even want to write much about the plot, since it's just... average. It doesn't have many twists, and even the ones it does have are quite predictable. It's your typical summer box office film, and for those who haven't seen any of the other PotC films, it might be quite boring, since it's heavily build upon the previous films, even though the plot is independent. If you don't know anything about Jack beforehand, I believe this film wouldn't win you on his side.

Yes, Jack. I'm a bit disappointed. I'd even say he was boring. In CotBP he was a complete stranger with a fantastic entrance. During the film you learned what he's like, bit by bit. Still, he managed to stay a mysterious and unpredictable stranger. And he wasn't exactly the main character (yeah, right...).

What happened next were the sequels, which were mostly built on Jack as a character. That changed him. And because there were quite many rabid Jack-fans out there after the first film, the filmmakers gave them what they wanted and Jack was shown quite differently in sequels than in CotBP. He was the main character and everyone else was merely an extra, and we were shown and told more about him. We got to know Jack better, and when this happened, he got more and more predictable, and when Jack gets predictable, he gets boring. He was interesting because you didn't know what he might do next.

I'd also say that even though Elizabeth and Will were quite dull, the dynamics between them and Jack was very, very intriguing to watch. Okay, so Penelope Cruz was quite a hottie as Angelica, but the chemistry between her and Jack didn't work as well as Elizabeth/Jack or Will/Jack (heck, even Norrington/Jack was better... wait, what am I saying, Norrington/Jack was just epic).

And I want to emphasize that I am (or was) a Sparrow fangirl from head to toe. I saw CotBP in the theatre five times, and after that I've watched it on DVD several times. When Dead Man's Chest was in the theatres, there was a nice picture of Jack in a movie magazine, and I cut it out and carried it in my wallet to humour myself (I still do, but mainly because I've been too lazy to search for a nice picture of David Tennant as The Doctor). I was completely smitten, but after OST I must confess that my feelings towards Jack have grown colder. Either I've finally grown up or Jack isn't as charming anymore. Since I still act like a true fangirl from time to time (the object of my drooling may vary), I'd say it's the latter. I could of course easily test this theory by watching CotBP again to see how I feel about "the old Jack".

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New endings to familiar movies

Feb. 5th, 2011 | 02:49 pm

I found these hilarious animations about how movies should have ended. Many of them are quite priceless. How Terminator Should Have Ended is probably my personal favourite.

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Oh. Yeah.

Sep. 4th, 2010 | 09:32 pm

First Look: David Tennant as Peter Vincent in Fright Night

Although, I still prefer David as the Doctor (geek chic, omnomnom). But since he was such an adorable Ghost of Christmas Present and there are similarities with that look and this Peter Vincent -look, this might turn out to be something quite good.

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Just when you thought you had seen it all

Aug. 5th, 2010 | 05:00 pm

While discussing monster movies I was told that there is a movie with a shark-octopus hybrid. Of course I had to find out if this is true. A little bit of googling and... voilà!


I think I really ought to pay more attention to Syfy's Original Movies, just in case all their production is like this.

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Okay, who mixed John Barrowman with monster shark movies?

Jul. 5th, 2010 | 06:31 pm

While watching a YouTube clip of the 100 cheesiest movie quotes of all time, I was surprised to see a guy who looked and sounded just like John Barrowman (almost at the end of the clip). Surprised, because I had no idea what movie it was. I watched the clip again and was pretty sure that it was John. Then I checked the movie's name: Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. Okay, so it's not John, it's just somebody who looks like him, because why would he be in a B-class monster shark movie?

Oh, but it is John anyway. He's starring in this 2002 film about the largest killer shark in history. Well, you know me and monster movies, so when you add John Barrowman to the mix, I just might have to buy this piece of crap masterpiece. I mean, just look at the quality of special effects!

But what does John think of his performance? Watch this and find out.

4 euros isn't too much for this, is it?

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Tim Minchin FTW!

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 09:57 pm

Tim Minchin: Prejudice. Priceless, epic win, etc.!

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Geekgasm of the day

Mar. 9th, 2010 | 11:31 pm

I just saw the second trailer for Iron Man 2, and liked what I saw. But oh, the very last bit of the trailer. Squeeeal!!!

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New trailer for Alice In Wonderland

Jan. 29th, 2010 | 11:20 pm

Found from YouTube, naturally.

It looks wonderful. Weird, but wonderful.

Too bad they didn't show The Caterpillar (with Alan Rickman's voice) on the trailer.

And it's still impossible to make Depp look non-hot. Okay, so Captain Sparrow is far hotter than The Mad Hatter, I admit that. But Mad Hatter is cute, anyway.

Can haz mai own Cheshire Cat?

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A must-see

Jan. 28th, 2010 | 06:34 pm

I stumbled upon a movie name, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. My initial reaction was "WTF, is this a joke?", but I googled it. Well, what do you know, it is an actual movie, and it's not even an old one, made last year.

They have it on Play.com, and I think I just have to buy this. 6,49 ain't so much, right?

Also, check out the trailer. Priceless.

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